The Women World Cup Trophy Design

The journey from the qualifiers to the group stages all the way to the finals of the Women’s world cup always culminates with that joyous moment of lifting the trophy by the captain of the eventual Champion’s team.

The women’s trophy generally features the shape of a golden spiral band that juts from a part of a cone then stretches skywards before eventually enclosing a football at the top.

Here is how the women’s world cup trophy looks like.

The Trophy Design Details

The Women World Cup Trophy hasn’t been the same since the first tournament happened in 1991. The trophy, as we know it, was designed in 1998 by William Sawaya and then hand-crafted by Milanese specialists Sawaya & Moroni for the 1999 edition of the World Cup.

But it begs a big question, Did it have to be designed by a man?

The magnificent design aims to perfectly capture the athleticism, dynamism, and elegance of international women’s football.

In the 2010s, it was fitted with a modern cone-shaped base and the names of the tournament’s previous winners are engraved underneath. The addition reinforces the uplifting spirit of the design.

The trophy is made of sterling silver clad in 23-karat yellow and white gold and weighs 4.6 kilograms.

It had an estimated value in 2015 of approximately $30,000. The men’s World Cup trophy is worth five times more; a whopping $150,000. But here is the caveat, the women’s trophy is constructed for each women’s champion to take home while that is never the case for the men’s trophy who only have one original copy.

Designer: William Sawaya, Sawaya & Moroni, Milan, Italy
Year of original design: 1998
Height: 47cm
Weight: 4.6kg
Material: bronze, gold-plated; polished aluminium; Verde Candeias Granite

2 thoughts on “The Women World Cup Trophy Design”

  1. I finally got to read this piece. I don’t know much about design but I like the fact that you have made purposefully think about the design of the women’s World Cup Trophy. Moreover, I am now wondering how would the design look like if it was by a woman? 🤔

    1. Thanks a lot, Edwina…sorry for the late reply. Yeah, we have to think beyond what is in front of us. The man-designed women’s world cup is truly a missed opportunity.

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