The Controversial New Equity Bank Logo

Equity Bank. It should be the most popular bank in the country. It is a bank of many firsts in the world earning it so many accolades and awards.

A few weeks ago, Equity bank celebrated its 35th year in business by rebranding. This entailed among many things, a redesign of their logo.

The Old logo

The general description of the old logo is that of the silhouette of the roof of a house.

You know what equity means, but let’s just go through it again.
Here are a few definitions;
The quality of being fair and impartial.
The value of the shares issued by a company.
In accounting, equity is the difference between the value of the assets and the value of the liabilities of something owned.

As young as I was back then ( like most of you), the logo gave me the general impression that it is a financial firm that is leaning towards real estate and mortgages. That it is a bank that is taking the niche of the real estate vibes, home furnishing, and home buying loans.

I got to be 18 and had my first bank account with, you guessed it, Equity and then discreetly learned that it is just an ordinary and general bank in terms of the services that it offers.

In general, I think the logo design was a missed opportunity. We can attribute it to the humble beginnings in the slopes of Mount Kenya back in 1984. It could be excusable to assume that informed and professional graphic design may have been out of reach back then.

The Rebranded Logo
To celebrate their 35 year anniversary, Equity Bank rebranded, and with that came a new logo. Here is what it looks like.

New Equity Logo

The attribute of the new logo vis à vis the old one is just the simplification.

So many people immediately felt like the creatives behind the logo were not given the creative leash to re-do the logo. In general, the logo missed on the relevance to the mandate of the firm. This is shamefully consistent in the existence of the logo of the bank from inception to date, and unfortunately, for the next 15 years; assuming they are going to rebrand again during their 50th anniversary.

They may have been given a brief that simply and mainly stated that they simplify the old logo. Nothing more or less.

Assumptions of what may have transpired.

By a grander scale, many creatives assume that the Equity Bank rebranding result is a true depiction of what happens in the industry. That the client who is the money wielder doesn’t care about your professional input but just points the gun at your head and shouts instructions. And since you got bills to pay, you oblige and cringe as you bring to life what they said.

That the logo lacks aspiration, abstractness, and cleverness doesn’t even begin to list the misses on the logo.

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